Mass Content Generation Software - How To Spam Search Engines? (Part 1)


Mass Content Generation Software - How To Spam Search Engines? (Part 1)

There exists another quite specific type of spam - search engines spam which is also called search engines bombing or flooding. The main idea behind it is the following: when some "breaking news" or an interesting material is published on-line it is usually quickly spreads across Internet, appears on many different web resources and is soon read by millions of Internet users. As a result the web site that initially published such a material and all those web resources involved attract a lot of attention, become popular and get higher in search engines ratings.

Unfortunately this mechanism is quite suitable for spamming purposes. Spammers simulate the above process and use it to promote their own sites. On thousands of web sites they publish the same article which is linked to the "promoted" site. This is supposed to simulate a big interest in the article and improve the search engine ratings of the web site mentioned in it. However search engines are able to detect simple copying of the same material - if the same piece of text is found on multiple web resources then one of them is considered as the original and the others as copies which does not affect ratings. This is just a schematic description of the procedure but it is enough to understand the main ideas.

In their turn spammers use a way round and slightly change articles in such a way that they do not look like copies. As the number of different versions needed can be of the order of thousands it is obvious that this cannot be done manually. Usually special programs for mass content generation of text are used. Such programs just need to be given some basic rules of changing words and composing texts then in a few minutes you can get several thousands of different (to some extent) versions of the same piece of text.

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